What's New
Version 5.3 (2020-01-08)
=== Features ===
- Adds 'Modifying a tag automatically updates the matching tag' option ('Preferences'->'General').
- Improves speed for large column selection.
- Adds 'Notify end of file' option in the Find dialog box.
- Adds 'Edit'->'Others'->'Reverse Lines' menu command.

=== Bug fixes ===
- Fixes an issue where some FTPS servers could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue where FTPS could fail to download file and show empty content.
- Fixes an issue where 'View in Browser' command on remote file could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue where 'Shell Open' a folder could unintentionally run exe of the same name.
- Fixes an issue where creating a new remote file from directory window could produce error message.
- Fixes an issue where Open Remote dialog box loses focus after transferring a file.
- Fixes an issue where Save As Remote dialog box could have wrong initial value for Encoding option.
- Fixes an issue where 'Hex Viewer' command on remote files could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue where 'Capture Output' option didn't work with 64-bit console apps.
- Fixes an issue where function list could have wrong selection if document view was split.
- Fixes an issue where User Toolbar position could be restored incorrectly between sessions.
- Fixes an issue where Find box in the function list couldn't handle ctrl+backspace and ctrl+delete.
- Fixes an issue where Directory Window couldn't handle FTP Group 11 and above.
- Fixes an issue where undoing forward delete could result in wrong cursor position.
- Fixes an issue where 'Use regex' option in the 'Advanced' file extensions dialog box didn't work.
Version 5.2 (2019-05-07)
=== Features ===
- Supports a native version for Windows 10 on ARM.
- Makes Open/Save Remote dialog box modeless so that it wouldn't block other tasks.
- Adds 'Insert matching tag automatically when typing >' option ('Preferences'->'General').
- Directory window supports 'Add to Favorites' menu in the right moues button.
- Adds 'Join Lines with Spaces' menu command ('Edit'->'Format')
- Adds 'Sort all open files' option in the Sort dialog box.
- Tile Vertically/Horizontally command now does not minimize other windows.
- Toolbar button for Join Lines with Spaces command.

=== Bug fixes ===
- Fixes an issue where Code Folding feature could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue where file list in directory window could be unsorted in some drives.
- Fixes an issue where FTP transfer could disable keyboard and mouse input in the program window.
- Fixes an issue where 'View in Browser' command on remote files could make the program unresponsive.
- Fixes an issue where FTPS feature didn't work on some machines with 'access is denied' error message.
- Fixes an issue where 'Cancel' button on the FTP transfer dialog box didn't work correctly.
- Fixes an issue where 'Transfer type' option in the Upload dialog box didn't work correctly.
- Fixes an issue in Open Remote dialog box where 'Encoding' option didn't have effect.
- Fixes an issue where selecting a deleted remote file from recent file list could cause program crash.
- Fixes an issue where 'Sync Directory' menu option could cause program crash in remote files.
- Fixes an issue where Abort button didn't work correctly when uploading multiple files.
- Fixes an issue where saving changes didn't work correctly when closing remote files.
- Fixes an issue where the directory window couldn't show the file filter list correctly.
- Fixes an issue where Function List could cause memory leak.
- Fixes an issue where 'View'->'Column Markers' menu option didn't retain the value between sessions.
- Fixes an issue where 'Ansi to HTML Entities' command didn't work when 'Whole word only' find option was turned on.
- Fixes an issue where 'Sort' command was missing in the function list.
- Fixes an issue where 'Sort' command didn't work correctly in the cliptext list.
- Fixes an issue where function list could be empty when closing inactive document from the tabs.
- Fixes an issue where 'More' button in the Find dialog box could display wrong window size.
- Fixes an issue where #AUTOCASE statement in syntax file didn't work correctly in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where cliptext item could be inserted with wrong indentations in some cases.
- Fixes an issue in Output Window where changed color settings wasn't applied immediately.
- Fixes an issue where auto completion would unexpectedly initiate in column editing mode.
Version 5.1 (2018-11-05)
=== Features ===
- Supports non-blocking Open/Save Remote and FTP Upload.
- Supports moving individual side panel tabs to the right side panel.
- Allows the Output Window to be located at either right or left side.
- sftp now supports aes256-ctr encryption.
- Adds 'Undo/Redo to Last Save' menu command ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
- Adds 'Align Equal Signs' menu command ('Edit'->'Format').
- Adds 'Tabs to Spaces in Files' menu command ('Edit'->'Format').
- Adds 'Toggle Column Marker' command to the popup menu.
- Adds 'Go to Cliptext List' menu command ('View'->'Toolbars/Views').
- Find in Files adds a new option to show search contents only.
- Adds 'Run as Text Fitler (Browser)' option to the user tool actions.
- 'First line of file' option for file type detection now allows regular expressions.
- Changing 'Base directory' in the Project dialog box now updates existing file paths in the project.
- "-pl" command-line argument for selecting a project and loading all files in it.
- Adds 'Copy Project' button in the Project dialog box.
- Adds 'Libraries' to drive list in the directory window.
- Supports syntax highlighting SQL files by default.
- Supports syntax highlighting for JavaScript template literals.
- Adds missing C++ 11 keywords to cpp.stx.
- CSS number format now recognizes rem, vh, vw units.
- Adds a toolbar button for Recent Directories command.
- Keystroke recoding can now record 'Fill Selection' command.
- Allows Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down instead of Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down to avoid hotkey conflict.

=== Bug fixes ===
- Fixes an issue where Open Remote dialog box could cause program crash in some cases.
- Fixes sftp connection issues on some servers.
- Fixes an issue where opening remote file could fail if file name contains colon.
- Fixes an issue where Search Tag command could cause program crash in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where Match Tag command didn't work correctly in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where Select Tag command didn't work as expected in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where side panel and output window couldn't handle right click from touch and pen input.
- Fixes an issue where 'Reload unsaved buffers' didn't work correctly with remote files.
- Fixes an issue where Rename File command didn't update the document tabs correctly.
- Fixes an issue where highlighted braces sometimes were not correctly restored to normal state.
- Fixes an issue where brace highlighting sometimes were not erased by cursor movement.
- Fixes an issue that you could not change color of JavaScript regular expressions.
- Fixes an issue where replace in selection sometimes couldn't update the selection correctly.
- Fixes an issue where Alt+mouse drag sometimes couldn't start column selection from blank space.
- Fixes an issue where Duplicate Line command didn't work correctly when selection exists.
- Fixes an issue where restoring window size could be incorrect due to Windows 10 invisible borders.
- Fixes an issue where #AUTOCASE=y in the syntax file didn't work if auto completion was off.
- Fixes an issue where canceling column selection with ESC key didn't' work correctly in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where 'Auto Indent on Paste' option didn't work as expected in some cases.
- Fixes an issue where Find Previous with regular expression could skip matches.
- Fixes an issue where 'Starting column #' sort option didn't work as expected in foreign language ANSI files.
- Fixes an issue where 'Set Marker' in the file dialog didn't follow 'Whole word only' option.
- Fixes an issue where built-in browser window didn't follow 'Save Window Width' command.
Version 5.0 (2018-03-26)
=== Features ===
- Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down key makes column selection for multiple input points.
- Alt+Mouse click makes multiple input points.
- Consecutive 'Select Word' command adds next occurrence to the selection.
- Allows column selection in word wrap mode.
- Improves right-to-left language support.
- Improves speed of brace highlighting.
- Allows multiple hotspots in cliptext.
- Find in Files preserves 'case sensitive' and 'whole word only' options between sessions.
- 'Delete Blank Lines' command includes lines with tabs and spaces only.
- Updates HTML toolbar for HTML 5 elements.
- Function list supports 'Retain Filter Text' menu option.
- Ctrl+Shift+F shortcut key for Find in Files.
- Record Keystrokes command now supports recording file open command.
- When uploading a file to ftp server fails, it now displays a message box for retry.
- Pasting text over multiple input points now retains current multiple input points.
- Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right key for extending column selection.
- 'Tile Horizontally/Vertically' button on the Window List now automatically closes the dialog box.

=== Bug fixes ===
- Fixes an issue where keyboard-interactive sftp authentication didn't work correctly.
- Fixes an issue where remote files could be saved to wrong directory.
- Fixes an issue where 'Duplicate Sel' could cause memory leak.
- Fixes an issue where 'Editor Font 6' option didn't work correctly in Korean Windows.
- Fixes an issue where Home key on wrapped line could place cursor in the previous line.
- Fixes an issue where toolbar could be moved to wrong position if the program window is minimized.
- Fixes an issue where syntax highlighting could be incorrect when editing stx/acp files.
Version 4.3 (2017-05-12)
* Updates Emmet integration.
* FTPS now supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
* HTTP proxy option now allows username and password.
* Allows different default encoding for each file type.
* 'Browser'->'Zoom' menu command added.
* 'Edit'->'Others'->'Extend Number Selection' menu option added.
* 'Record Keystroke' now records 'Window'->'Next'/'Previous'/'Last Visited' commands.
* Allows Find Next/Previous shortcut keys from Find dialog box.

<Bug fixes>
* Saving remote file could fail without error message in some cases.
* 'Upload to a temp file then rename' ftp option could break symbolic link.
* Opening remote file from command line could cause program crash.
* Fixes a possible error when using FTP proxy server.
* -t command line option didn't work with remote files.
* 'Auto save as *.tmp file' could overwrite untitled files.
* Fixes a Perl auto completion issue.
* Fixes incorrect left margin when printing.
* Fixes inaccurate word wrap in print and print preview mode.
* Fixes an issue where 'Log File Watch' sometimes couldn't detect changes.
* Fixes an issue where restoring split window state sometimes wouldn't work correctly.
* Fixes an issue where $(CurSel) argument macro couldn't handle multi-line text.
* Fixes possible program crash with files in right-to-left languages.
Version 4.2 (2017-01-05)
* Selecting number by double click now includes commas and dots.
* 'HTML Entity to Ansi' commands now supports entity numbers.
* 'Insert as New' command for Cliptext Window.
* Increases number of column markers to 20.

<Bug fixes>
* aes128-ctr encryption didn't work on Windows 7 and XP.
* Revives 'View'->'Cursor Indicator' menu option.
* 'Reload unsaved buffers' option didn't work correclty with remote files.
* Deleting open files from Explorer could cause program crash.
* Replace All in selection could cause program crash.
* EditPlus context menu from Explorer couldn't handle multiple files in some cases.
* Spell checker could show inaccurate error message.
* Fixes Perl syntax highlighting for array index symbol.
* Korean 3 Beolsik keyboard input on column selection didn't work correctly in some cases.
Version 4.1 (2016-08-02)
* sftp supports aes128-ctr encryption.
* FTP supports HTTP proxy option.
* FTP supports SOCKS5 proxy with username/password.
* Supports 'JSON Beautifier' command ('Edit'->'Utilities').
* Supports 'HTML Tidy' command ('Edit'->'Utilities').
* Supports 'URL Encode/Decode' command ('Edit'->'Convert').
* Supports 'Delete Unmarked Lines' menu command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* Improved 'Invalid CR/LF, NULL' option ('Preferences'->'File').
* Auto save option now saves list of working files too.
* Increases max number of FTP group to 20.

<Bug fixes>
* sftp could fail to connect with Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange.
* FTPS could produce 'Socket is not ready for use' error message.
* Fixes SOCKS5 proxy option for the FTP feature.
* 'Use Pageant' option showed unnecessary password prompt.
* 'Use Pageant' option didn't work correctly with some servers.
* Fixes touch screen scroll on Surface Pro 4.
* UTF-8 file with 4 byte Unicode couldn't be detected correctly.
* Internal browser didn't show correctly in HiDPI displays.
* 'Special Character' on HTML toolbar didn't work correctly on HiDPI display.
* Fixes wrong mouse selection when column select by keyboard.
* 'Cache directory content' FTP option could cause memory leak.
* Very long line in the Output Window could cause program crash.
* Print preview cause program crash when switching documents.
* Fixes Perl quotation syntax coloring issue.
* Fixes 'Modify cliptext Item' dialog box redraw issue when resizing.
* Fixes a Hangul input method issue.
* 'Window'->'Arrange' command could switch currently active MDI child window.
* Cursor could disappear when switching keyboard.
* Cursor could show incorrectly when moving lines up/down.
* Fixes help file index in Korean version.
* Find dialog box couldn't update multiline input box with selected text.
* 'Strip HTML Tags' command couldn't convert HTML entity numbers.
* Undoing line comment could cause wrong cursor position.
* 'Sync Directory' option could show hidden directory window unexpectedly.
* Tab key on selected text didn't work correctly.
* 'Ignore All' in the spell checker didn't work correctly in some cases.
* Function List didn't update when file is reloaded.
* 'Whole word only' option in the Find dialog box didn't preserve between sessions.
* 'More' button on the Find dialog box now preserves current search string.
Version 4.0 (2015-07-08)
* Supports keyboard input on column selection.
* 'Reload unsaved buffers' option ('Preferences'->'General').
* 'Auto Indent on Paste' menu option ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* Base64 Encode/Decode commands ('Edit'->'Convert').
* 'Insert spaces instead of tab' option allows different number of spaces.
* Allows double click on Fonts dialog box.

<Bug fixes>
* Program could crash when loading file in right-to-left language.
* 'An additional file name' option for Settings & syntax didn't work.
* URL highlighting couldn't handle multiple URLs in single line.
* Print command showed tabs in wrong sizes.
* Drag and drop cliptext item didn't work correctly.
* Fixes screen update issue when changing font.
* Join Line now doesn't add extra spaces at the end of line.
* Custom icon for User Toolbar didn't show correctly in High DPI screens.
* Prevents keyboard column selection being changed by moving mouse pointer.
* Cliptext window couldn't load ctl files in Unix format.
* Fixes document tab issue on Windows 10 preview.
Version 3.80 (2015-02-24)
* Supports different fonts for each file types ('Preferences'->'Settings & syntax').
* Improves word wrap speed on very long lines.
* Improves speed when displying long lines.
* 'Sync Directory' option in the Directory Window popup menu.
* Undo command restores text selection.
* 'Line Comment' command retains text selection.
* sftp supports sha-256 hashing algorithm.
* Improved support for right-to-left languages.
* Ctrl+W shortcut key for Close command.
* 'Save Copy As' menu command added ('File'->'Others').
* 'Exit without Workspace' command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Go to Custom Filter' menu command added ('View'->'Toolbars/Views').
* Supports 'Copy' button in the Marker List dialog box.
* Marker List dilaog box now shows line numbers.
* 'Display pattern' option in the Function Pattern dialog box.
* Auto completion now allows delimiter in word.
* 'Clear Recent Files List' now clears recent directory list too.
* Makes Modify Cliptext Item dialog box resizable.
* Arrow key wraps top to bottom in the suggest word popup.
* 'File Format Multiple' command now shows current file format.
* Revives support for Mac OS 9 file format
* Supports #CHECK_CLOSINGQUOTE= syntax statement.
* Toolbar button for 'View'->'Toolbars/Views'->'Function List'.
* Toolbar button added for 'Invert Markers' command.

<Bug fixes>
* FTPS couldn't connect to some servers.
* sftp couldn't connect to dropbear servers.
* 'Use UTF-8 file names' FTP option didn't work with some servers.
* Fixes delay on some machines when running from the right mouse button.
* Fixes Python syntax highlighting bug.
* Fixes Perl quotation syntax highlighting bug.
* Document tabs could stop working after canceling program exit.
* Document windows could be wrongly restored in wrong sizes.
* Maximized window could be restored in wrong size.
* Position of suggest popup window could be wrong in word wrap mode.
* Fixes access violation error on some computers.
* Go to File command didn't work correctly.
* Opening file from right button could failed to bring the program foreground.
* Fixes wrong cursor location on right-to-left language text.
* Fixes wrong cursor location on Thai language text.
* Backspace key didn't work correctly in Thai language text.
* Column selection could omit blank spaces at the end.
* Keystroke recording could lose some Unicode characters.
* Find & Replace List could not handle multiple lines of text correctly.
* Fixes word highlighting bug in word wrap mode.
* Regular expression $ could cause program freeze.
* Replace with regex couldn't handle '$' character correctly.
* Byte order mark could be lost when changing encoding to unicode.
* Drag and drop of Cliptext itmes didn't work correctly.
* HTML color selector could ommit '#' character.
* JavaScript in local html file could produce warning message.
* Block comment could conflict with line comment in some custom syntax files.
* Long project name could cause program crash.
* Keystroke recoding for Find in Files could work incorrectly.
* Spell checker language option could not be saved in 64-bit version.
* Word wrap could be wrong when printing.
* Fixes syntax highglighting for regular expression in JavaScript.
* Fixes EditPlus icon on the right mouse button on HiDPI screens.
* 'Display pattern' option in the function pattern setting could be lost.
* 'Show full path in the title bar' option didn't have immediate effect.
* 'Restore window state of recent files' option couldn't restore split panes.
* 'Show FTP Log' option could cause program crash.
Version 3.70 (2014-03-27)
* Supports Markdown syntax highlighting and browser preview.
* Offers a native 64-bit executable.
* Improves 'Recent Directories' menu command in the Directory Window.
* Improves 'Delete Marked Lines' speed.
* Double clicking on function list now resets Find input box.
* 'Update browser preview when saving html file' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
* Supports MyFiles subdirectory for custom syntax files that supersedes default files.
* Title bar now displays file path even when the document window is not maximized.

<Bug fixes>
* FTPS connect could fail on some servers.
* Fixes intermittent ftp error on some servers.
* FTP upload error could truncate existing file.
* Double click associated file could produce error message.
* Reload command on remote files could set wrong encoding.
* 'Save wrapped line with CR/LF' option could cause program crash.
* Find input box in the Function List cound't handle clipboard shortcuts.
* 'Go to Line/Offset' menu item didn't work.
* Replace with regular expression could not handle backslash letter correctly.
* Scroll wheel in the browser window didn't work correctly.
* 'Whole word only' option in the Find dialog box didn't work correctly.
* 'List' button in the Replace dilaog box could not handle multiple line text.
* Fixes wrong warning message that file has been deleted.
* Javascript in html file could freeze browser preview.
* \U \L \E regular expression in the replace didn't work correctly.
Version 3.60 (2013-12-11)
* Supports Function List as a tab in the Side Panel.
* Supports FTPS (FTP over TLS).
* 'Suggest' commands ('Edit').
* 'Go Back/Forward' menu command ('Search'->'Go To').
* Supports Windows 8 Spell Checking API.
* Improved regular expression support.
* Saving html file now automatically refreshes browser window.
* View in Browser 3/4 commands ('View').
* Ctrl+Mouse Wheel runs 'Larger/Smaller Font Size' command.
* 'Duplicate Sel' command ('Edit'->'Others').
* sftp supports AES algorithm.
* "Cannot find string" message now appears on the Status Bar.
* Copy command copies current line if there is no selection.
* 'New HTML Page' command creates an HTML 5 document in UTF-8 encoding.
* 'Support \U \L \E' option in the Replace dialog box.
* Alt+Up/Down moves cursor to the beginning of previous/next line.
* F2 key for Rename command on the Directory Window.
* Supports $(Unicode) $(Ansi) $(UTF8) argument macros for user tools.
* Open/Save Filter User Tool groups (similar to Text Filter but applies to open/save).
* Directory Window custom filter allows multiple file patterns separated by ';'.
* 'Append' fill mode for the 'Fill Selection' dialog box.
* 'Export/Import Workspace' menu command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Apply to' option for Auto Run User Tool groups.
* Supports up to 20 Project INI files.
* 'INI File Description' menu command ('Manage Project'->'Project INI File').
* Allows environment variables in the Project file path.
* Ctrl+Alt+Mouse click runs 'Go to URL' and 'Go to File'.
* Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel for page scroll.
* Supports search history for Go to Line/Offset.
* Toolbar button for 'Marker List' command.

<Bug fixes>
* Fixes possible resource leak when creating child process.
* Some sftp server could produce timeout error when uploading file.
* 'Keyboard Input' menu of Output Window didn't work correctly.
* Ruler could be shown incorrectly in variable-width fonts.
* Replace with regular expression could have wrong result.
* Directory Window could cause program crash if file list was empty.
* Fixes memory leak with the HTML Table toolbar button.
* 'Go to File' command dind't work in remote files.
* 'Go to URL' command could create new browser instance instead of adding a tab.
* On Windows XP, Chrome browser couldn't be run as an external browser.
* Zen Coding loading failure could cause program crash.
* 'Find' box in the Window List didn't work after no match found.
* Find dialog box now restores 'Find what' value between sessions.
* Paragraph HTML Toolbar button now adds closing tag.
* nbsp button on the HTML Toolbar didn't work on some conditions.
* 'Ansi to HTML' command could not be undone at once.
* 'Add to Common Files' option didn't work correctly if file type order was changed.
* &s in print footer didn't work.
* Fixes wrong brace highlighting when releasing selection.
* Directory Window follows group policy for hidden drives.
* Auto Run After Save didn't work correctly with new file.
* Default PHP function pattern now includes 'final' keyword.
* Long lines could be displayed incorrectly.
* Improves display speed on long lines.
* Word highlighting now follows case sensitive option in the Find dialog box.
Version 3.51 (2013-03-12)
* Supports Emmet ('Zen Coding'->'Use Emmet')
* 'Indent Guide' menu option ('View').
* 'Tab to Expand' menu option ('Zen Coding').
* Output Window supports 'Keyboard Input' menu command.
* 'Find' input box on the Function List.
* More characters in the special character button of the HTML toolbar.
* 'Numbering' fill mode for the 'Fill Selection' dialog box.
* 'Paste on Right Click' menu option ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* 'Preferences'->'General'->'Restore window state of recent files' option.
* Double clicking top border of document window stretches the window.
* Function List supports Pattern 1 and 2 check boxes.
* Title bar now shows file name in place of program name.
* 'File Encoding Multiple' command displays encoding in the list box.
* Up/Down key in the Window List moves keyboard focus to list box.
* 'Find as you type' option reflects change of other find options.
* 'Fixed Column Paste' menu option ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* Directory Window now remembers focused pane.
* Draws Column Markers at background of text.
* Extends Output Window line length limit to 20,000.

<Bug fixes>
* Some FTP server could produce 550 or 553 FTP error.
* sftp couldn't handle banner message from server correctly.
* 'Use Pageant' option could fail if server sent banner message.
* Toolbar buttons could be broken in high DPI display.
* Embedded JavaScript didn't follow its own auto indent settings.
* Open Files list on the Directory Window could cause program crash.
* Fixes program crash when using Saenaru Korean IME.
* Word count feature could report wrong number.
* Exclude option in the Find in Files could work incorrectly.
* Project INI file setting could not be retained between sessions.
* Fixes IME candidate window position.
* Fixes a find highlighting bug.
Version 3.50 (2012-11-01)
* Supports Windows 8.
* Supports high DPI displays.
* Directory Window supports 'Copy to Local' command for FTP files.
* Window List dialog box now supports Find input box.
* 'Clear Recent Files List' menu command ('File'->'Recent Files').
* 'Goto Drive List' command ('View'->'Toolbars/Views').
* $(UTF8Stdin) argument macro to support UTF-8 standard input for text filters.

<Bug fixes>
* Early canceling of FTP transfer could cause program crash.
* FTP upload could cause buffer overflow on some FTP servers.
* SOCKS5 firewall option worked with sftp only and not with normal FTP.
* 'Upload to a temp file then rename' option didn't work with some FTP servers.
* Some FTP servers could have unusual delays.
* Right click on the Directory Window file filter could cause program crash.
* Fixes incorrect code folding with #ifdef
* 'EditPlus 3' command from Windows Explorer could fail on some network files.
* Double clicking associated file could fail on high DPI displays.
* 'Create' command in the Directory Window could fail if 'Disconnect Automatcially' was on.
* -cursor command line option could fail when loading FTP files.
* Templates didn't work if default encoding was set to 'UTF-8 + BOM'.
* 'Default' button on the Advanced file extensions dialog box didn't work.
* Fixes wrong user tool menu bitmaps when switching user tool group.
* 'Run as Text filter' option could fail with UTF-8 files.
* 'External browser - Chrome' option didn't work on Windows XP.
* CSS syntax highlighting wasn't correct if tab character exists before ':'.
* Embedded script now follows its own auto indent settings.
* Keystroke recording couldn't handle Unicode characters correctly.
* 'Whole word only' find option could work incorrectly in some cases.
* Pasting column block now does not move the cursor position.
* F5 shortcut key for the 'Refresh' Directory Window command.
* Loading Zencoding file could fail without any error message.
* Syntax highlighting of #KEYWORD has precedence over #PREFIX and #SUFFIX.
Version 3.41 (2012-05-03)
* Supports Zen Coding.
* 'Keep local copy' ftp option ('FTP Settings'->'Advanced Options').
* 'File Name Search' command in the Directory Window.
* Ctags category option in Project dialog box.
* 'Run as Text Filter (Copy Result)' user tool option.
* Shell Menu command allows extended menu with SHIFT key.
* 'Go To Definition' command now also shows file names in the candidiate list.
* Allows selecting the project INI file ('Manage Project'->'Project INI file').
* Toolbar button for 'More Recent Files'.

<Bug fixes>
* Splitted window could cause program crash.
* TR1 regular expression error could cause memory leaks.
* Paste command didn't work if clipboard text was not available in Unicode.
* .txt file extension could not be automatically appended if path contained '.'.
* Word Highlighting couldn't highlgiht in splitted panes.
* Go to Definition didn't work correctly with multiple candidates.
* 'Next Function' command could be wrong with two function patterns.
Version 3.40 (2012-03-01)
* Supports ctags ('Search'->'ctags').
* 'Find as you type' option in the Find dialog box.
* Syntax highlighting for HTML5 and CSS3.
* 'Export'/'Import' buttons on the 'Preferences'-'>Colors' dialog box.
* Displays close buttons on the Document Selector tabs.
* FTP Upload dialog allows selecting multiple sites.
* 'Upload to a temp file then rename' FTP option.
* SOCKS5 proxy option.
* Supports CHMOD command from the Directory Window.
* 'Use TortoiseGit' menu option ('File'->'TortoiseSVN').
* 'Search'->'Search Web' menu command.
* Independent scrollbars for splitted panes.
* 'List' button on the Replace dialog box.
* 'Marker List' command ('Search'->'Marker').
* 'Shell Menu' menu command on the Directory Window.
* 'Scroll Sync' menu option ('Window'->'Others').
* 'Show result in a new document' option on the 'Find in Files' dialog box.
* 'Enlarge toolbar buttons' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
* 'View'->'White Spaces'->'All' command.
* Improves speed of 'Delete Duplicated Lines'.
* Allows sorting of 'Web server root directoy' settings.
* Toobar button for 'Line Comment Indent'.
* 'Disable font smoothing' option ('Preferences'->'Fonts')
* 'Ignore Line Comment' code folding option ('View'->'Code Folding')
* 'Keep directory structure' backup option.

<bug fixes>
* Some FTP servers could cause program crash.
* Long FTP banner text could cause program crash.
* 'Find in Files' command could cause memory leak.
* 'Stop' command in the Output Window didn't work with some programs.
* 'Use Pageant' option could fail if multiple keys are present.
* FTP could not open file with space in the name.
* Fixes Directory Window sorting order on foreign language Windows.
* Cold Folding didn't work correctly with line comments.
* Fixes wrong FTP download progress indicator.
* Fixes wrong 'file modified' warning on some network drives.
* Fixes invalid 'TortoiseSVN not found' error.
* 'Refresh' command in the Cliptext window didn't work.
* Fixes CSS syntax highlighting for numbers.
* Word highlighting could not handle tab characters.
* Window position could be wrongly restored if taskbar is on the left side.
* FTP directory cache wasn't case sensitive.
Version 3.31 (2011-08-08)
* Supports syntax highlighting for Python and Ruby on Rails by default.
* Improved syntax highlighting speed on long lines.
* 'Disable Save button with unmodified documents' option ('Preferences'->'File').
* Displaying tabs and spaces in separate commands.
* Find in Files allows multiple folder names separated by ';'.
* Increases max number of tool groups to 20.
* Allows string values in #PREFIX and #SUFFIX statement.
* 'Set Marker Dup Lines' command ('Edit'->'Others').
* 'Log File Watch' command ('Document').
* -pi command line option to specify different project configuration file.
* Supports Perl syntax highlighting for string interpolations.
* Word highlighting now supports selection of multiple words.
* 'Reset Default' button on the Fonts dialog box.
* Displays color code on the Color Picker.
* 'Use STAT instead of LIST' ftp option added.
* 'Run as Text Filter (Replace Fixed Cursor)' user tool action added.
* 'Include user account name' backup option added.
* 'Try keyboard-interactive authentication' sftp option.
* New 256x256 size application icon.

<bug fixes>
* Long lines could cause program crash.
* File open error in Hex Viewer could cause program crash.
* Fixes possible freeze with Explorer right mouse button.
* php syntax highlighting could break inside block comment.
* Save As dialog box could return incorrect file extension with long file names.
* Backup file extension option didn't work with remote files.
* 'Monitor Clipboard' could paste same text multiple times.
* 'Import'/'Export' button on the 'Set Directories' dialog box didn't work.
* Templates didn't work if the default encoding option is set to Unicode.
* Function List wouldn't be updated when switching documents.
* Could not run php.exe if it was added to PATH manually.
* Fixes cursor location bug when editing syntax files.
* Menu bitmap for user tools could not display customized icons.
* 'Hide Line Numbers' option on the Print page didn't work correctly.
* 'View in Browser' on the Directory Window could incorrectly run the 'Edit Source' command.
* Highlight Word option could cause program freeze.
* 'Directory'->'Refresh' was missing from the custom shortcut key list.
* Fixes menu bitmap on Windows Classic theme.
* 'Tools' dialog box could display wrong browser name list.
* 'Continue to next file' option didn't work with Find Previous.
* Could not set indent value of 1 for custom file types.
* Find in Files keystroke recording could be incorrect.
* Fixes wrong Output Window location in full screen mode.
* 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' option didn't work on Windows XP.
* Prevents wrong 'file modified' warning messages.
Version 3.30 (2011-04-19)
* Supports TSVN commands ('File'->'TSVN').
* Supports 'Use Pageant' option for sftp.
* Supports menu bitmaps on Vista/7.
* Highlights all occurrences of selected word ('View'->'Word Highlighting').
* 'Copy on Mouse Release' option ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* Hex Viewer supports 'Show non-ASCII letters' option.
* 'Run php.exe on php files in browser preview' option ('Preferences'->'Tools').
* 'Preferences'->'Print' dialog box supports 'Hide line numbers' option.
* 'Min. line number digits' option ('Preferences'->'Layout').
* Internal browser supports IE8/IE9.
* Internal browser supports displaying the information bar.
* Internal browser now opens new window as a tab.
* Combobox 'auto append' option ('Preferences'->'General').
* Supports $(CurLineText) argument macro for passing current line to user tool.
* Find in Files displays current file name on the Status Bar.
* 'HTML Color' command on the popup menu.
* 'Copy Name' command on the Document Selector popup menu.
* Updated toolbar buttons.
* Allows double click on the Change File Format dialog box.

<bug fixes>
* 'Edit'->'Insert'->'Cliptext' commands could cause program crash.
* Using tagged expression for function pattern could cause program crash.
* 'View'->'Matching Brace' option could suspend the program in long lines.
* The Status Bar couldn't display help messages.
* Fixes the Status Bar with the Hex Viewer and the Browser Window.
* Screen update could be wrong with Replace All on folded code.
* 'Monitor Clipboard' didn't work correctly when set on multiple instances.
* Restoring cursor location didn't work with remote files.
* Fixes Japanese composition window location.
* 'Add to Project' command in the Directory Window didn't work correctly.
* 'Use EditPlus in Internet Explorer' option didn't work.
* Size of floating windows could fail to restore correctly.
* Output Window could not capture accented letters correctly.
* Exclucde option on the Find in Files now works only on subdirectories and file names.
* sftp fingerprint uses RSA algorithm by default.
* Cursor location could be incorrect with foreign language fonts.
Version 3.21 (2010-12-20)
* 'Use TR1 regular expression' option ('Preferences'->'General').
* Customizable toolbar icon for User Tools.
* 'User tool group' option in the Setting & syntax dialog box.
* Supports floating window for Output Window and Cliptext/Directory Window.
* Allows dropping files on the Directory Window.
* 'Add to Project' command in the Directory Window.
* 'Copy'/'Move' button on the FTP Settings dialog box.
* Allows negative value in the line space option.
* Hides horizontal scrollbar in word wrap mode.
* Allows saving read-only files.

<bug fix>
* 'Color' button on the HTML Toolbar could cause program crash.
* 'Delete Duplicated Lines' command on selected text could cause program crash.
* Selecting 'Open Files'/'Project' from the Directory Window could cause program crash.
* 'Continue to next file' option on the Find dialog box could cause infinite loop.
* sftp keyboard-interactive authentication didn't work if password was empty in the setting.
* File association could cause error message from Explorer.
* Fixes unusually slow regex search in large files.
* Preferences dialog box could drop keyboard input on Korean keyboard.
* Fixes program delay with the Fonts dialog box.
* Fixes memory leak with the 'Preferences'->'Fonts' dialog box.
* Deleting remote directory from the Directory Window could cause memory leak.
* 'Search Cliptext' command could cause memory leak.
* On Directory Window, context menu shortcut key shifted down the selection.
* Changing FTP group in the FTP Setting dialog box from Open Remote did not work correctly.
* Find dialog box didn't work correctly when moving focus to next split pane.
* 'File Open dialog restores previous directory' option didn't work.
* Modifying the file path in the Project dialog box didn't work.
* 'Remove duplicates' option in the Sort dialog box didn't work with descending order.
* 'Larger/Smaller Font Size' command didn't work with Custom 1 - 5 fonts.
* Repeating answer on encoding warning didn't work correctly.
* Restoring word wrap state didn't work with the 'Wrap after format column number' option.
* URL highlighting could broke on '(' or ')'.
* If line space was not 0, Hex Viewer screen could be drawn incorrectly.
* If line space was not 0, URL highlighting could work incorrectly.
* On Windows XP classic theme, some color schemes could draw grayed buttons incorrectly.
* Switching off the 'Sort' option on the Cliptext window restores original order.
* 'Help'->'Feedback and Support' menu command didn't work.
* Makes the Sort option on the Function List case insensitive.
* 'Tile Horizontal/Vertical' command follows Selector Window button order.
* HTML Toolbar state could not be restored in normal documents.
* In the Open Remote dialog box, Alt+A mnemonic didn't work.
Version 3.20 (2010-08-03)
* Hex viewer ('File'->'Open'->'Encoding')
* Supports FTP Groups.
* Windows 7 style File Open/Save dialog box.
* Polished UI elements.
* 'Cliptext' option added to the 'Settings & syntax' dialog box.
* 'Text to Speech' command (Tools menu).
* 'Load project files on selected' option on the Project dialog box.
* ^@ inserts current date in the Cliptext.
* Cliptext supports removing text around the hotspot.
* Restores word wrap status for recent documents.
* Restores window split status for recent documents.
* 'Minimize as Tray Icon' menu option ('Window'->'Others').
* -m command line option for 'run minimized'.
* Supports #NUMBER_PATTERN=pas, #NUMBER_PATTERN=asm in the syntax file.
* 'Insert File' command allows inserting multiple files.
* System code page list shows 'EUC-JP' if available.
* 'Numeric sort' option added to the Sort dialog box.
* Ctrl+Enter key inserts a blank line.
* Toolbar button for 'ANSI to HTML Entity' command.
* Moves the 'Embedded script' color option to the 'Preferences'->'Colors' dialog box.

<bug fix>
* Fixes incorrect maximized window on Windows 7 secondary monitor.
* EditPlus wouldn't start up when toolbar settings were wrong.
* 'Sort' on column selection could cause program crash.
* URL highlight did not work correctly in word wrap mode.
* 'Set Directories' dialog box could not accept environment variables.
* The directory view could not handle Enter key.
* When renaming in the directory tree, Esc key did not work.
* 'Go to URL' command could not handle non-English letters.
* Fixes a bug for the line space option.
* 'Sort' option on the Project dialog box was not persistent.
* Selections in 'Fixedsys' font could not display line breaks correctly.
* When saving new file, if path includes '.', txt file extension could not be added automatically.
Version 3.12 (2009-12-02)
* Restores folding state for recent files.
* 'Continue to next file' option on the Find dialog box.
* Directory window keeps previously opened folder icons.
* Directory Window supports displaying open file list.
* Larger/Smaller Font Size command ('View'->'Screen Font').
* Supports UTF-8 text in the Output Window.
* #NESTED_COMMENT=y syntax file statement for nested comments.
* Color option for marked lines ('Preferences'->'Colors')
* Allows Ctrl+A key in the Window List and Directory Window.
* 'Web server root directory' option accepts https://
* 'Turn off sounds' option ('Preferences'->'General').
* 'Show full path in the title bar' option ('Preferences'->'Layout').
* -s command line option (Syntax directory).
* Toolbar button for Playback Multiple.
* Toolbar button for the 'Document'->'Auto Complete' option.
* Increases max file type number to 50.
* Horizontal scrollbar for the directory pane.
* 'Show Current Folder Only' option (Directory popup menu).

<bug fix>
* Canceling FTP upload could cause program crash.
* 'Delete Blank Lines' command could cause program crash.
* Auto Run user tool could not play keystroke recordings.
* Installer could display a warning message on Windows 7.
* Fixes incorrect cursor movement in Thai language.
Version 3.11 (2009-06-01)
* 'Send PWD after each interval' FTP option.
* Allows custom file filter on the Directory Window.
* 'Save current file' option for user tool setting.
* 'FTP account' option on the Project dialog box.
* 'Directory name' option in the Project dialog box.
* Upload dialog box accepts drag and drop.
* 'Undo/Redo All' commands ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
* 'Delete Empty Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* 'Delete Duplicated Lines' command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* Supports syntax highlighting of backup files.
* Allows multiple selections on the Output Window.
* 'Import/Export' button on the 'Set Directories' dialog box.
* Adds color option for the Cliptext/directory window.
* Increases user tool button to 20.
* Toolbar button for 'Close Others'.
<bug fix>
* Cancel button on the FTP transfer screen works immediately.
* Directory Window did not work with certain file extensions.
* Displays 'Remove Leading Spaces' command in the popup menu too.
Version 3.10 (2008-12-03)
* Visual Style for toolbar background
* 'Exclude' option added on the Find in Files.
* 'Cache directory content' added on the FTP Settings dialog box.
* 'Find Window' command (Window menu).
* 'Next/Prev Function' commands (Search menu).
* Supports align of column selection.
* Allows decimal point for 'auto save interval'.
* Document Selector setting for max/min number of rows ('Preferences'->'Layout').
* 'Close Others' command added to the Document Selector.
* Resizable project dialog box.
* 'Show project name on the title bar' option ('Project'->'Edit Project').
* 'No Recent File list' option ('Preferences'->'Files').
* 'Invert Markers' command ('Search'->'Markers').
* 'Reload All' command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Check the Latin alphabet only' spell checker option.
* 'Stop at the end of file' option for the 'Playback Multiple' command.
* 'Stay open' option on the Function List dialog box.
* 'Next/Prev Document Row' command ('Window'->'Others').
* 'Always binary type for gif, jpg, png files' option (Upload dialog box).
* 'Remove Line' command (Output Window).
* 'Remove Leading Spaces' command ('Edit'->'Format').
* 'Close if found' option (Find dialog box).
* 'Cliptext Item 1 - 10' commands ('Edit'->'Cliptext').
* 'Enable Auto Run Groups' option ('Tools'->'User Tool Groups').
<bug fix>
* FTP did not work if username contains '@' sign.
* 'Open With' from Explorer could fail in some cases.
* sftp could cause stack overflow crash.
* '(' letter in the remote file name could cause program crash.
* Code Folding feature could significantly slow down the file loading.
* Recent Files list had duplicated lists for remote files.
* 'Rename' could fail if file did not appear on the Directory Window.
* 'Begin/End Column' did not work correctly with horizontal scroll.
* 'Tabs to Spaces' conflicted with the code folding feature.
* Some sftp site could cause program crash.
Older Versions
3.01 (2008-04-14)
3.00 (2008-02-11)
2.31 (2007-03-15)
2.30 (2006-11-14)
2.21 (2005-12-14)
2.20 (2005-08-25)
2.12 (2004-05-10)
2.11 (SR-2) (2003-09-15)
2.11 (SR-1) (2002-10-21)
2.11 (2002-02-27)
2.10c (2001-02-19)
2.10a (2001-01-15)
2.10 (2000-12-14)
2.01 (2000-03-01)
2.00 (2000-01-06)
1.25 (1999-09-15)
1.24 (1999-04-17)
1.23 (1999-04-07)
1.22 (1999-01-26)
1.21 (1998-12-02)
1.20 (1998-11-23)
1.10 (1998-06-18)
1.04 (1998-04-11)
1.02 (1998-04-03)
1.01 (1998-03-24)
1.00 (1998-03-20)

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